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...enter into children's play and you will find where their minds, hearts, and souls meet.  



 - Virginia Axline


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Play Therapy Parent Info

from Association for Play Therapy


What is Play Therapy?

Setting Limits

from Kid Matters

Making Rules and Setting Limits

Screen Time Limits

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How much screen time is OK for my kid(s)?

Counseling for
Your Child

Play therapy and counseling can help children with their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.  Issues such as anxiety, attention difficulty, social skills, and parents' divorce are common reasons why a child might need counseling.  If you are uncertain as to whether it is time to seek counseling for your child, email us to let us know your concerns.  A parent consultation might be a good start.

Family counseling is when two or more members of the family meet with a counselor to work through certain situations or relationship concerns.  Counselors will help the family recognize their patterns, build on the positive and develop alternatives.  


Parent coaching focuses on helping parents develop skills for effective parenting.  Coaching is different than counseling in that counseling may help work through issues and emotions from the past versus coaching focuses on the present and future concerns of the parent regarding their children.  Some examples of concerns that might be covered in coaching:  daily routines, setting clear expectations, homework battles, electronic media limits, etc.


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